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Training is the heart of SAS success, and our employees are the reason why Schaefer Ambulance Service stands apart. All Schaefer Ambulance Service EMTs and paramedics exceed EMS certification and training benchmarks and we make it a regular practice to keep our employees constantly learning and growing.

Upon hire, all Schaefer field personnel undergo an extensive orientation and probation. The process combines written coursework and a field assignment to an ambulance. On the ambulance new hires participate as a third crew member under the watchful eyes of a field training officer. Before leaving orientation newly hired field personal are evaluated on their skills and patient rapport. Once a new hire completes all the written coursework and demonstrates to a field training officer they can meet current "standards of care" in the field are they released to work on a regular shift.

All newly hired field employees receive emergency driver's training through the EVOC (Emergency Vehicles Operations Center) program at the San Bernardino County Sheriffs training course. Before being allowed to drive, employees work with a field training officer who will provide additional training, observation, and eventual evaluation.

Schaefer Ambulance is an approved continuing education provider as well as an approved EMT State Skills Verification Center. EMT's and paramedics have access to an extensive list of online education resources approved for continuing education units. EMT's can also renew the State Skills Verification's required every two years.

As a member of the community we participate in a number of neighborhood educational programs. These range from career days at local schools to working with the CHP in the "Every Fifteen Minutes" program that demonstrates the danger of driving under the influence to junior and senior high school students.

Schaefer ambulance also offers a limited number of clinical spots on their ambulances for EMT and Paramedic interns. Students observe and work alongside experienced practitioners in refining their skills and experience what they learned in the classroom.

There are great opportunities for Schaefer Ambulance Service employees to maintain their credentials, as well as pursue continuing education tracks, so they may achieve their individual career and certification objectives.



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WHO: Target audience: EMT-1(B) graduate or nearing graduation.


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